Acne problems are considered a normal part of your growth. It is a common myth that acne arises by the hormonal changes in our bodies during the adolescence period. Around a half of adult women and a quarter of adult men suffer from it.

This was a common misconception before the early 2000s that acne has nothing to do with diet. Acne was considered to be a genetic trait or a bacterial infection. But the modern research has proved otherwise. Our diet has a major effect on our health and lifestyle.


Formation of Acne

Our skin is covered with hair follicles, and these hair follicles produce a kind of oil called sebum. Sebum keeps your skin and hair soft. Too much sebum in our skin gives us a “greasy skin” and that is one of the causes of acne formation.
Another reason for acne formation is the lack of desquamation process of skin cells. It is a process in which old skin cells are replaced by new skin cells by our body. Some people have too much protein (Keratin) in their body. Keratin traps the sebum inside by preventing the old skin cells from leaving.


Acne and paleo diet

Before understanding the idea of curing acne with a paleo diet, we need to understand what paleo diet is. It is considered to be the healthiest ways to eat. Our modern diet is full of refined food, fats, and sugar which remains a root cause of many diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity etc.

Paleo is a diet based on the types of food which were eaten by our ancestors. It consists mostly of fish, meat, fruits and vegetable excluding all the dairy, cereal products and the processed food from our diet.

There is a strong possibility of our diet having a connection with acne. In fact, a recent study has concluded that acne problems are all about what your diet consists of. A healthy diet is vital for our skin and body because it’s nutritional value.

The paleo diet can reduce the production of insulin in our body. It also eliminates milk, which is known to have a strong insulin response. Lower insulin level decreases the production of androgens. Androgen is a hormone that increases sebum which is a root of acne formation.
The diet also decreases the overall inflammatory load of our body which causes the swelling and redness around irritated hair follicles. It does so by balancing the levels of O3 and O6.

Paleo encourages and supports regular physical activity and adequate sound sleep. These two activities are known to reduce inflammation and strengthen our immune system. Paleo completes the nutrient deficiency that exists in our body.

These days, most people are overfed yet still suffer from malnutrition. The right amount of minerals, carbohydrates, vitamins and other essentials are missing from our diet. Diets not only promotes a healthy lifestyle but also helps to solve a major problem faced by youths and adults alike.