Do a quick Google search about ‘weight loss tips’ and you’ll be offered endless advice and diets that claim to help you drop off those excess pounds, and the Paleo diet is one among them. But what makes Paleo diet so special and sets it apart from the others is the fact that it doesn’t just help keep your weight in check, but also improves different aspects of your health.

Here are 5 effective tips you must implement when you’re trying the Paleo diet for weight loss.

Keep Moving

One of the worst possible mistakes one could make when sticking to a weight loss routine is dieting hard but following a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise is extremely essential for optimum health and faster weight loss – you don’t need to spend the entire day in the gym, just 30-40 minutes of moderate physical activity everyday can not just benefit your weight, but also keep you more active and energetic.

Get Enough Carbs

If you’re a fitness freak and love exercising, totally avoiding carbs in your diet may not be such a good idea. Following a moderate carbohydrate consumption (upto 15-30% of your calorie intake) could help stimulate fat loss faster, especially if you’re someone who engages in moderate physical activity everyday. Maintaining a moderate consumption of healthy carb sources could also help prevent fatigue and weakness, and make you more likely to exercise.

Simplicity is the Key!

The Paleo diet sticks to a basic principle – simple eating, and that’s exactly what makes it so effective when it comes to losing weight. Including foods like fruits, vegetables and meats like fish can help you consume less calories in general without a lot of effort. Try to avoid complicating your meals and try to stick to raw foods as often as possible.

Eat Enough

Depriving yourself of the food that you need to fuel your daily activities could be the worst possible way to lose weight – extensive calorie restriction can actually reduce your metabolic rate. Just make sure you stick to the Paleo diet plan and consume enough food to support your body’s health. Infact, you’ll find how this weight loss diet can actually change your perspective about it all – you don’t have to keep on counting calories every time you eat- you just need to make the right food choices.

Biggest Weight Loss Tip: Implement Lifestyle Changes

Apart from diet and exercise, following a healthy lifestyle in general can also have a huge impact on weight loss. Getting enough sleep is essential, since sleep deprivation is linked to binge eating, which thereby influences weight gain. It also boosts the production of stress hormones which is responsible for those food cravings. Keep stress at bay by making small efforts- meditating, taking a relaxing bath, going out for a walk alone or playing with a pet- this will help you add more life to your goals and can turn out to be an excellent weight loss help.

Following these steps will help you balance Paleo diet and weight loss much more effectively